The Inspired retreat was so valuable to growing my business. The content provided was applicable and the conversations with the attendees and speakers was priceless. I believe I've gained some lifelong friends and received honest answers that I couldn't have found anywhere else. Amber is honest and inspiring and I can't thank her enough for putting this retreat together. Just do it. Stop thinking about it and go. It's worth every penny!

- Jenn Smith


Attending Inspired is the best way to kickstart your creative journey, no matter where you are in the quest for success. From the peaceful location, to the handpicked speakers and valuable session topics, Amber showcases her ability to seamlessly coordinate intense get-to-work days with gorgeous dinners in the evening. Attendees leave with knowledge, resources and a loyal community to support them on their path. 
- Nicolle Spitulnik


Amber put together the most amazing conference and group of speakers for us! She is thoughtful and caring and her attention to detail is impeccable. Going to this conference was by far, one of the best things I've ever done for myself! 
- Jennifer Kitzmiller


I had heard great things about the Inspired Retreat, but what I got out of it was so much more than I had imagined. Amber was such a sweetheart, and her attention to detail was amazing. She really made all of us feel so loved. The entire experience was just what I needed!
I was able to get out of my daily routine, meet other creative women, and learn from some other great business owners.
And the trees/scenery was icing on the cake!
- Heather Bloem 


I came to Inspired concerned that I might no longer love my chosen career. However, just being around other creative women quickly reignited my enthusiasm for writing. I came away with a renewed passion for my creative business and concrete ideas to apply right away. Inspired gave me the much-needed chance to focus on the core values of my business and reshape my vision to once-again match those values. I also loved the chance to get away for a few days, to make new friends, and to feel supported in my goals as a creative woman. Amber's attention to detail was wonderful; she made every moment feel like a special event. It was a wonderful 3 day event- I only wish it could have lasted longer. - Catherine McEaddy Holmes


You won't regret it no matter where you are in your business journey. I am in the very beginning and I found this retreat to be filled with great materials that I can use now and years down the road. The speakers were all well prepared and helpful to share any information that the attendees were curious about. It was helpful to me to just learn about people's personal journeys and to learn about tools / resources other creatives are using to make their creative lives stand out and work.
Amber was an amazing host and so gracious and loving the entire trip! 
- Amanda Shaver


Inspired was a great escape from everyday life to be among so many talented and successful small business owners in one of the most quaint and beautiful settings I have been to. From the moment we arrived to when we left, Amber and her team made sure all of us had everything we needed and more to be able to focus on the speakers and the goodness they had to share.  It's a great investment for yourself and your business! Be sure to take their advice and leave your email behind. You'll be so thankful you took the opportunity to soak in all that Inspired has to offer! - Cassie Thibeaux


It's easy to doubt and to list reasons why we 'shouldn't' go to Inspired, but there's one very clear-- and very real-- reason to sign up: Your future as a creative entrepreneur in an evolving digital age. No book will teach you the lessons these speakers openly share from their own victories, mistakes, and growth. No other workshop breaks down the barriers of competition to encourage the sharing of digital tips, tricks, apps, and resources so that we all succeed in marketing our products and services to a tech-savvy world. The reason to sign up is YOU. - Kristin Polhemus


The Inspired Retreat was, hands down, one of the best workshops I have ever attended. From the fabulous business talks to the delicious intimate fireside chats, Amber has carefully crafted a beautiful workshop that can do nothing but help you grow your business even farther. The best part… she's done it in a way that makes the entire experience a joy to attend. I left inspired feeling excited about my business and with the tools to make it grow. This is a workshop that is worth every penny - if you have any interest in growing your business or finding ways to streamline your day, you will not be disappointed. I would encourage any creative entrepreneur, regardless of their field, to attend. - Tonya Dalton


 Amber has created something truly special. The name says it all; Inspired is exactly how I felt after this retreat. Being surrounded by such knowledgeable, creative women in this intimate setting leaves you feeling ready to take your business to new heights. Everyone is eager to help and build a sincere community. I highly recommend attending Inspired. You won't regret it! - Valerie McKeehan


The Inspired Retreat was the most incredible experience of my professional life! It was also so humbling to know that a group of successful creative woman entrepreneurs would take the time to help me grow my business and that you, Amber, took the time to make it all happen! That alone brought me to tears when I was saying goodbye and thanking you! I'm walking aways with a clear path to make my dream of launching a devotional planner happen and I owe it to you! Thank you again for everything! - Deana Uhrig


It was such an amazing experience! Amber did not miss a detail. Everything is put together so well. It was so inspiring to be around such authentic encouraging women. It gave new life to my passion and my company. Although I did not want the week to end, I could not wait to get home to apply the wisdom shared to my company and life. Inspired is not your average conference. It is an intimate week creating friendships, sharing wisdom and growing your passion. It surpassed all of my expectations and I cannot wait to come back. It was the best thing I have done for my company. - Carrie Hawkins


This isn't a conference as much as it is an experience. Amber Housley and her team know exactly how to create an environment which is invigorating, inspiring without the stress and pressure other conferences put on you. Instead of feeling exhausted when I left, I felt completely confident and excited to jump into my business the very next day. Stop wasting your money on conferences that put you in a mass of others. Inspired will give you one on one time with those experts to talk about YOUR business. You won't have to fight for two minutes with that expert, instead, they will be coming up to YOU and looking for ways to help take your business to the next level. - Samantha Shepard 


This was my second time attending Inspired Retreat and I hoping it wasn't my last! Amber is such an amazing Hostess - She is super detailed and thoughtful in her preparation. From the site of the location, to food and dining details, last but not least the amazing speakers whom I get to call as friends! I want to thank you for allowing me to be part of your Inspired Retreat Family. I came away with much more than business goals and rewards. My heart is forever changed. - Amy Johnston 


This retreat was such a wonderful gift to myself - both personally and professionally. I am now part of a tribe of women ready to support one another, cheer each other's success, be a sounding board for new business ideas and lift us up when we are feeling alone. I came away with an entire notebook (and brain) filled with ACTUAL concrete steps I can take to build my business - and I have already started implementing them! I will be back! - Beth Kingston


Inspired Retreat is like no other professional retreat/conference you've ever experienced. The content doesn't just apply to how to run a successful creative business, but it gives you the tools and suggestions on how to do it without losing sight of what's really important in life. You won't regret a penny spent on this amazing experience, no detail is left untouched. - Heather Kirks


The Inspired Retreat not only gave me clarity with the direction I should take with my business, but, it allowed me to create such meaningful friendships of other incredible creative lady bosses. Being able to sit next to the speakers during the beautifully curated meals was such a breath of fresh air from other conferences I have attended. The location was the perfect setting because it inspired me to unplug and truly be present for every aspect of the retreat. Inspired Retreat will change your life,  your business, and the way you see yourself as a creative entrepreneur. - Jessica Litman


Inspired Retreat was life-changing for me and will be business-changing as well. Amber takes such great care and attends to every single detail to ensure a seamless event. I left with a renewed passion around what's to come in my business as well as real action items to take to make 2016 my best year yet. Inspired felt like catching magic in a bottle! It is worth every penny. The connections, the friendships, the sense of community, the business knowledge shared -- all are like nothing I've ever experienced before. - Jodi Brandon


Attending the Inspired Retreat was one of the BEST things I have done for myself and my business. Amber and the team of speakers create an environment that is warm, open, inclusive and makes you feel willing to be yourself, share your successes as much as your failures. It is a learning experience like no other and has me energized to implement positive change to help me grow, make more money and save time! You deserve this time, you will appreciate this time, you will be changed for the better. The investment you make is beyond worth it and your return on that investment is priceless. - Katie Maloney


I came to inspired as the videographer for the week, but I was loved on and valued just like an attendee. I love that every single person involved this week, including the incredible staff, was valued and appreciated and encouraged. Inspired was probably the single most inspiring and challenging event I've attended in my life. Those 4 days were full of incredible content, real women, and challenging words that got my blood pumping. I came home ready for more. Ready to do more of what makes my business work. Amber was constantly encouraging me, speaking positive things over me, and making me feel so valued. I know that because of Inspired my business will grow and I can't wait. - Nicole Cole


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