Have questions? We have answers! Read below and if they still aren't answered, please drop us a line via our contact page. 


Can I bring my spouse or my children or family?

We believe that you are deserving of spending 4 days focused completely on you and your business! Because of this, only participating attendees are allowed on the property during our event. Many attendees do extend their time after the retreat to enjoy Nashville with their loved ones. 

What if I have a dietary need?

Just let us know in advance when registering and we're be happy to accommodate you! Our host venue is able to accommodate most common food allergies or dietary preferences. Our friends with strict gluten-free, dairy and vegetarian needs have been extremely pleased with how our host venue is able to prepare food with careful thought and care (and still tastes delicious, too!).

What should I wear, pack, bring?

Because of the nature of the venue with its longer pathways and stairs, we recommend you leave your heels at home! That said, we recommend a business casual attire or whatever fits your personality best for our sessions during the day. You will want to pack cocktail dresses for the equally fun and beautiful evening cocktail parties and dinners but we recommend pairing them with ballet flats or other cute and comfy shoes. All too often, we don't have the time or reason to get dressed up outside of our yoga pants. This will be a fun opportunity to have a sweet little girls night! We will provide the color schemes for each evening's events so you can color coordinate if you desire to. 

Expect temperate Spring days with moderate humidity and plenty of opportunities for al fresco dining. You are going to love sipping coffee in the morning from your porch rocking chair. You will want to watch the 7-day forecast to see what attire will be necessary that week – it could be on the warmer side this time of year (low 80s) or even a pop-up rain shower. 

Include some athletic shoes for morning walks or to take advantage of the numerous trails on the property. Nighttime of course is perfect for pajama parties at our fireside chats! Please note, the cottages are cozy in nature, so pack as light as you're able to and leave room in your bag for a few goodies. 

I'm booking my flight, when should I arrive and depart?

Our first activity/early-bird session begins as early as 5:00pm CT. We ask that attendees do not arrive to Evins Mill earlier than 3:30pm. It is a little less than one hour from the (BNA) Nashville Airport to Evins Mill. Our dinner activities will follow the opening session at 6pm. If you want to arrive in time for the first session, a best estimate is to choose a flight that arrives no later than 2:30pm CT. This will allow you to grab your bags, connect with another attendee for your own transportation, and time for the one hour trip to Evins Mill from the airport. An ideal departure flight would be mid-day to later afternoon on departure day. We will have a morning session after breakfast on the last day that will end by 10:30am. Check-out is by 11am. 

How do I get there?

After flying into BNA, the main Nashville International Airport, our host location is easily accessible by rental car. Meet up with fellow attendees ahead of time in our private Facebook group to coordinate a rental car with those arriving the same time as you. If you're driving yourself or a car, you can map to 1535 Evins Mill Road, Smithville, Tennessee. Please note that due to the distance, it is a large cost to use taxi or Uber-like services. It is recommended you coordinate with other attendees to keep costs low – and meet new friends! 

Do I need to bring a laptop?

We're excited about all the face to face time you're going to have with new friends, and we encourage you to unplug as much as possible, but it is a great idea to bring your laptop for our implementation sessions. Be sure to turn your email Out of Office on while you're at Inspired so you can take advantage of all the amazing opportunities to learn and connect! Evins Mill offers complimentary Wi-Fi in the Main Lodge and in the guest rooms in case you need to check a few emails.

Who will I room with?

Bring a friend and you can room together! Just be sure and include each other's names on your registration and we'll match you up. Coming alone? Don't fret, about 95% of attendees who come, don't know anyone either. Some of Amber's best friends in the creative industries are those she randomly met through shared rooms at conferences. We'll match a roommate for you and let you know a few weeks out who they are in advance. 

Do I have to stay on the property?

Yes, the full experience includes the full accommodations and cannot be removed. We don't want you to miss out on all the fun we have planned once the sun goes down at night. 

What's the weather like that time of year?

Expect temperate Spring days with moderate humidity and plenty of opportunities for al fresco dining. You are going to love sipping coffee in the morning from your porch rocking chair. You will want to watch the 7-day forecast to see what attire will be necessary that week – it could be on the warmer side this time of year (low 80s) or even a pop-up rain shower. 

I'm afraid I won't know anyone. Will I be okay? 

Yes! You'll even be paired up with a buddy in advance of Inspired so you can get to know each other in advance. As the saying goes, "a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet!" We really believe you are going to go home with a lot of new friendships!

What is included in the registration?

Everything — You simply arrive via your own transportation, and we take care of the rest! Your room, food and drink (including a few adult beverages) and all workshop content and materials, events and experiences. Quite simply, the only thing not included is your airfare, transportation to/from our host location, and if you'd like an additional glass of wine or beer outside our offerings. 

How many people will be there?

24 attendees + 12 speakers and staff equals around 36 lovely ladies!

I can't make it to this Inspired. When will be the next one?

We are currently planning the Inspired Retreat schedule for 2018. Based on past response, we will sell out fast! You'll want to sign up for our email list so you'll be the first to know about our future plans. 

I've ONLY just started my business or I only do my business part-time, can I still attend?

In the past, we've welcomed everyone no matter their business journey. However, we've found that much of the content is geared toward business owners who are beyond the beginning stages of operating a business. Regardless of whether you have been in business for a year or more, or if your business is  a part-time income, our content is best suited for those who already have their 'big idea' and are actively working on it rather than just getting started. Women who are serious about growing their business are ones that will see the biggest results from the Inspired experience. From well-seasoned business owners looking for a refresh, to those who have been in business for a year and want to take it to the next level — all have walked away with fantastic results. 

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this intimate event, details are planned and personalized far in advance for each of our guests, so all deposits and payments are 100% non-refundable and non-transferable.  

Do you offer payment plans?

We are pleased to offer a payment payment plan. A non-refundable payment is due immediately with your application to hold your seat. The remain payment of your balance will be due in advance of arrival. We will hold a credit card on file that will automatically file payments on set dates. Payment Plan installments that are more than 2 days past due will forfeit registration and your seat will be sold.


We firmly believe the content and experience will more than meet - and will exceed - the investment of registration. Be sure and read our testimonials from past attendees who explain how the benefits far exceeded the investment.

Lastly, you should know this is not our first conference or workshop production. We have been planning events from corporate retreats to large-scale productions for over 10 years. This is our eleventh Inspired experience and you can count on professionalism and a well-managed event experience for yourself as an attendee!  

What kind of women will attend Inspired?

The majority of Inspired attendees in the past have ranged in age from mid 20s to mid 40s. Most are married with younger families and are looking to connect with similar creative business women. That said, we welcome women of all ages and backgrounds! You do need to be 21 years of age or older to attend. 

We've also hosted an extremely wide-range of creatives... just a sampling: boutique shop owners, graphic and stationery designers, wedding planners, party stylists and cake artists, photographers, clothing designers, interior designers, bloggers, architects, consultants, wardrobe stylists, calligraphers, online retailers, party suppliers, a wide-range of Etsy shop owners and MORE!

what if i have physical limitations?

This retreat may not be for you if you have physical limitations. Our host venue property is creekside lodge and includes many opportunities for stairs across the property. We want you to feel at home and at ease in our experience and the last thing we want is for you to feel overwhelmed in moving from each session.


We only accept speaker submissions during open call periods. 

There are so many wonderful workshops and conferences out there. How do I choose which one is best for me?

If there is anyone who is a fan of continued learning, it's Amber Housley! We'd actually recommend you attend all your favorites if you can! That awesome idea aside, we really can't tell you what is the perfect fit for you, only you have that answer. We can recommend to choose a conference that is best in line with your current needs and business. Usually you have a gut feeling when it comes to the likely place where you feel like you'd most fit in and get the most benefit from. Obviously, we hope Inspired Retreat is at the top of your list!