Inspired Maker Monday: Jamie Kutchman Wynne

This week we’re putting the #InspiredMakerMonday spotlight on Jamie Kutchman Wynne of Marigold & Grey. Jamie and her team create fabulous gifts for weddings and corporate events, offering pre-made gifts or working from scratch to make a custom-made gifts for your event. Jamie attended Inspired Retreat last spring and her business has made strides in productivity and systems since! We’re excited to see where she’s been, and where she’s going.

Where were you in your business journey when making the decision to attend Inspired?

I was two years into my business when I signed up Inspired Retreat.

Knowing what you know now, what would you tell yourself on Day 1 of starting your creative business?

Just because you build a website doesn’t mean customers will come - it’s a lot more involved than that!

What is one action item from your Inspired Retreat experience that has changed your business and/or mindset?

To target other markets besides the wedding industry!

With the abundance of noteworthy creative workshops offered, why would you recommend Inspired Retreat over another?

I loved that the content was actionable, rather than a lot of “fluff” content.

What is one thing you have implemented that has helped streamline or help manage your creative business and family/personal priorities?

Establishing parameters and saying no to projects that aren't ideal for us and take up too much time and effort without yielding the results we want.

What things do you do to stay creative or to be inspired?

I try to allow time in my schedule to collaborate with other creatives simply for the sake of being creative. I also find that some of my best ideas come to me when I'm away on vacation and my mind isn't as cluttered with a to-do list hanging over my head. :)

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What is your daily routine like?

I'll start out by saying that my daily routine needs improvement!! I wake up and check social media. I grab breakfast and then get ready to leave for the studio. Arrive at studio and chat with my team about what we have lined up for the day. I scan emails and answer anything immediately pressing. Then I identify the top 3 things I must accomplish that day and dive right in. Around lunchtime I break again to peek at emails and social media. Then return to the to-do list until 4 when my team leaves. Once they leave, I tackle emails again until I leave for the day. I try to coordinate dinner plans with my husband so we can have dedicated time to catch up. We both own our own businesses so if we aren't intentional about together time, it may not happen.

What is your favorite business book, magazine, or podcast?

Start with Why

So – what’s next for you?

The first part of 2017 was devoted to tightening up operations to increase profitability. I'm happy to say that we made huge strides in this area!  The second half of the year will be devoted to leveraging email marketing to increase online sales as well as a few other fun projects!