Behind the Scenes of Inspired Retreat + How to create a great speaker submission!

Yesterday morning, I shared on Periscope some candid thoughts on what goes into the planning of Inspired Retreat, including how to create better speaker submissions. I was up late the night before working, so a mix of tiredness and lack of coffee came out a little more than I had expected. As a result, I received messages from past attendees and speakers throughout the day of concern. They encouraged me:

"Inspired Retreat IS needed..."

"...don't ever doubt yourself about Inspired..."

"Your scope was wonderful. You pour your heart into every single second of every decision about Inspired and it shows. So refreshing and inspiring (pun intended!)."

And this meaningful Facebook message from another attendee:

"I want you to know I watched your periscope earlier while I nursed...girl, Inspired CHANGED me. It was the first time someone really told me (and showed me) how I could be a creative entrepreneur and be successful at it. I'm still using those snippets and tidbits today... I love what you do, and I think you do it really well! Keep on doing it!"

Today, I'm feeling grateful for the support, and refreshed and excited about this next Inspired Retreat!

I did decide to extend the Inspired Retreat speaker submission deadline to this Friday at 11:59pm. Be sure and listen to the Periscope below to help put your best foot forward! Whether you're considering on joining us this Fall as a speaker or attendee, I can't wait to meet you this September 25-28, 2016!